Management Technical Assistance

We empower Environmental Departments in monitoring environmental networks using EDAMS systems. In close association with our clients, we develop appropriate digitalisation plans to optimise environmental networks monitoring – from field operations and Regulatory reporting  to detailed modelling.

Networks Monitoring Technical Assistance

Assist Environmental Government Departments in the collection, manipulation, retrieval and reporting of environmental network data.

Issues addressed include:

  • Computerisation of Licensing, Inspections and Permits process
    Logs Management
  • Quality Record/Samples Management
  • Weather /Meteorological Data Management
  • Integration to Underground & Surface Water Resources
  • Monitoring Programs
  • Water Framework Directive Support
  • Integration to third party systems including SCADA, API providers, SMS services etc.


    Groundwater Monitoring – Boreholes Management is one of the main functions of catchment management. Hydro-Comp can assist Environmental Departments through the customisation of the EDAMS Borehole systems to:

    • Digitalise the licensing of boreholes / wells / water abstraction.
    • Maintain Borehole information and attributes in the EDAMS Assets – Environment, Natural Resources & Hydrology system.
    • Manage quality records from Borehole monitoring points.
    • Manage meter reading logs from Boreholes.
    • Develop Monitoring Programs and field operations.
    • Groundwater Monitoring (Quality & Quantity)