Solar Park
Performance Optimisation

Solar Park Performance Optimisation through the use of EDAMS-Solar Operations our experts can provide real time intelligent information from PV Parks ensuring fault-free and maximum performance operation, improving reliability, efficiency and availability, optimizing power production.

Loss Analysis & Optimisation

Hydro-Comp’s experts can assist PV Parks Operators in the analysis of PV Park losses and the evaluation of the performance of the PV Plant on a regular basis. Shading, soiling and inverter losses are analysed and system inefficiencies are identified.

PV Park losses can be computed from actual data for any period and compared to DC and AC output.

    Time Monitoring Service

    Hydro-Comp’s monitoring service provides 24×7 monitoring, analysis and intervention if necessary service. Hydro-Comp’s service offers:

    • Active faults monitoring
    • Real time & predictions for weather and solar data
    • Maintenance requests and job cards monitoring
    • Alarms/Intervention for deviations from expected production