Support Services

Hydro-Comp’s Management and Support Services provide a risk-free, cost-effective means of operating the EDAMS Management Systems and fully utilising them in improving the performance of the Organisation. The Services offered are tailored to suit the Client’s environment.

of Support

Remote support related to Software problems or the use of the software is provided at no extra cost. Support with regard to issues such as data conversion, customisation/ creation of forms and reports, assistance in carrying out various tasks, additional training and on-site visits are considered as Additional support.

Additional support is provided on an ad-hoc basis as per Hydro-Comp’s prevailing rates or can be secured through annual support contracts specifically designed to meet Customer needs and revised yearly as Client personnel gain more proficiency in the use of the EDAMS systems.

EDAMS training programs include certification programs that entitle Client’s personnel reach the accredited status of EDAMS Support engineer. Many Clients have their ICT support personnel trained and certified in EDAMS products to be able to provide at least first level support to their users.

    Management Assistance Program

    Hydro-Comp’s Management Assistance Program has been specifically formulated to make sure the Organisation employs efficient management practices and support structures in order to ensure proactive and appropriate management decisions that will result in improved business efficiency.

    The Management Assistance Program includes the following activities:

    • Management guidance, to interpret management reports and formulate appropriate decisions.
    • Regular Service Provision performance assessments through the involvement of industry experts to help analyse the Utility’s performance and to identifying appropriate remedial and proactive activities
    • Regular System audits, identifying problem areas both with regard to usage of the system and business procedures.
      Regular Commercial data evaluations identifying data quality problems and proposing remedial actions.
    • Assistance in debt recovery, through formulating appropriate policies and procedures and effective usage of the debt management system.
    • Effective management reporting at all levels