Clients Testimonials

Participation in the Asset Management Advisory Services project in South East Europe (SEEAM) achieves all set milestones and exceeds all expectations

Hydro-Comp in a Strategic Partnership Agreement with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) acting on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is currently carrying out a 5-year program offering AM capacity to small and medium sized utilities in South Eastern Europe through the use of EDAMS AM software on the Cloud.

This program provides direct technical assistance, a state-of-the art software solution and extensive capacity building for Integrated Asset Management to Water utilities in 6 countries namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

Running from January 2017 to November 2021, 122 Public Utilities have already registered and participated in the program representing more than 6,5 million consumers across the 6 countries.


Implementation of USAID Asset Management Project in Zambia

Further to supplying all the EDAMS Management Information Systems, Hydro-Comp completed in a joint venture with Seureca Veolia the contract on AM Technical Assistance to Lusaka Water & Sewerage Company (LWSC) funded the Millennium Challenge Account-Zambia (MCA-Z).

The project provided knowledge transfer and practical support to LWSC and its staff, on the organization’s journey towards Asset Management Excellence in line with ISO 5500 standards. In many cases the project entailed capacity building for the proper operation of the EDAMS systems.

Project components included:

  1. Formulating AM Policy
  2. The building of a solid Technical database and Financial Asset database in EDAMS
  3. Implementing Maintenance Management (EDAMS)
  4. Implementing AM Planning (EDAMS)
  5. Implementing Investment Planning and Business Planning (EDAMS)
  6. Formulating and monitoring a Strategic Asset Management Plan.

Water Development Department of Cyprus (WDD) receives the 2015 /16 «Special Achievement in GIS» award

During the 2015 International ESRI Users Conference, the Water Development Department (WDD) of Cyprus was selected amongst 100.000 organisations to receive the 2015 – Special achievement award for the development and implementation of GIS technology.

Hydro-Comp Enterprises from 2010 to 2015 was responsible for the development & implementation of an integrated GIS and asset management system that covers the needs of the Department and addresses the needs of the European Water Framework Directive. The main objective was the introduction, customization and supply of an operational and integrated Geographical and Assets & Water Resources Management System for WDD that includes efficient and computerized asset data management, asset management, maintenance management, Licensing & Permits (such as Borehole management), hydrometry (monitoring and logs management) and hydrologic modelling of watersheds and rivers.

The implementation of EDAMS Assets Infrastructure Management system and of the EDAMS Assets Water Resources & Hydrology Management system in combination with the creation of a comprehensive geographical database has improved considerably the operations of Water Development Department and has resulted in an organization with a growth path that includes efficient and computerized maintenance management, work order scheduling and hydrologic modelling of watersheds and rivers.

Operation of Municipal Call Centre

The Nelson Mandela Municipality with the assistance of Hydro-Comp implemented an Integrated GIS, MIS, O&M, and network analysis system for the water supply and sewer distribution systems.

Soon after the commencement of the project the Water and Sewer department decided to implement the EDAMS-Call Centre module to address customer problems.

The Hydro-Comp team accepted the challenge and soon enough a competent, efficient call centre was set up. In combination with the training of many departmental officials in the maintenance department on the system, soon the efficiency and productivity of addressing customer problems rose dramatically.

The 2016 benchmarking exercise determined that the customer services offered in Nelson Mandela Bay outstrips that offered in any other Metropolitan city in South Africa.

Rehabilitation of Dar es Salaam Commercial Operation

The Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation in Tanzania serves over 170,000 connections and maintains a network over 2,000 kilometres long. Hydro-Comp implemented the EDAMS-IMIS solution together with commercial data validation exercise and achieved spectacular results within the first two years of operations (increase of revenues by 45%) as reported and in the article.

Implementation of Commercial Improvement Program in Egypt

Hydro-Comp has successfully implemented Billing and CRM systems in the Governorates of Fayoum, Beni-Suef and Al Minia (USAID-funded commercial improvement project). Recent audits showed that the 3 Governorates improved dramatically their customer service and revenues both as an immediate result of implementation of the EDAMS systems and as further improvement. Revenues increased on average by 74% immediately after implementation of the systems and over eight years increased over 5 times despite the fact that tariff increases were less than double over the same period.

Dr Mahmoud A. Abu-Zeid, Chairman of the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water (HCWW) commented on the success of the program emphasizing the high increase in the collection rate over the past years, He pointed out that this program made it possible to calculate the value of production rates of actual water consumption and reduce wastage. He added that the program has contributed to reducing the proportion of bad debts among customers, where possible, calculating properly the actual monthly consumption, which led to the growth of trust between the customer and the company.

Non-revenue Water Minimisation Study in Sol Plaatje Municipality identifies changes that lead to increase in revenue by R 340,000 per day, reduction in leakage by 30% and in pumping costs by more than 20%

The city of Kimberley in South Africa, also known as the Diamond City, is the Capital of the Northern Cape Province. The Sol Plaatje Municipality (SPM) was established in 2000 when the Kimberley and Ritchie Municipalities were merged. The Sol Plaatje Municipality (SPM) realised during the past couple of years that their water business is not operating at optimum levels and that unacceptable levels of water losses are experienced. The Municipality spearheaded a project to address the situation and turn around the water business of the municipality.

The Objective of the Non-revenue Water (NRW) Minimisation Project was to evaluate the extent of the situation, investigate the causes and formulate and implement solutions to address the challenges. The project was co-funded by the SPM and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).The SPM went through a competitive bidding process and appointed Hydro-Comp Enterprises with Moedi Consulting Engineers to assist them with the implementation of the NRW Minimisation Project.

The use of  Hydro-Comp’s “best-practice” solutions for network rehabilitation has resulted in large savings in capital expenditure. The Network Optimisation plan proposed minimal interventions estimated to cost about R 20 million that rendered the network functional, both for present and future demands and properly reduce leakage by as much as 30% and reduce electricity costs from pumping by as much as 20%.