Our Expertise

Hydro-Comp’s services are offered to EDAMS Customers with the main objective of optimizing usage of the EDAMS software in terms of increasing Customer productivity and performance and ensuring maximum utilization of their assets.

Technology involves the supply, implementation and support of EDAMS Information systems as well as the provision of technical and management assistance in the effective usage of the EDAMS solutions and in related activities such as data capture and data analysis.

Outsourcing varies depending on Customer needs and size, from simple Hosting/ Cloud computing for smaller organisations to comprehensive in-sourcing involving the physical presence of Hydro-Comp’s personnel at the Customer’s premises manning key EDAMS systems operational positions and providing user support.

Asset Management Technical Assistance provides knowledge transfer and practical support to the Utility and its staff, on the organization’s journey towards Asset Management Excellence in line with ISO 5500 standards. Emphasis is given in the use of the EDAMS systems as such systems cover all Integrated Asset Management functions. 

Catchment Management Technical Assistance  empowers Environmental Departments  in monitoring environmental networks using EDAMS systems. In close association with our clients, we develop appropriate digitalisation plans to optimise environmental networks monitoring – from field operations and Regulatory reporting  to detailed modelling.

Commercial Improvement Programs are enabled through the use of EDAMS systems, used for Billing Data Cleaning, Commercial data validation field exercises and the compilation of Meter replacement programs. 

Energy Planning models can be set up to forecast production and sales in an effort to balance the two for optimal revenues and assists the operator derive optimal solutions with regard to the use of Solar Parks in conjunction with Conventional Plants and Energy storage facilities

Solar Park Performance Optimisation through the use of EDAMS-Solar Operations our experts can provide real time intelligent information from PV Parks ensuring fault-free and maximum performance operation, improving reliability, efficiency and availability, optimizing power production

Consulting services for Water & Sanitation through the reduction of non-revenue water programs, network optimisization studies and Rehabilitation plans, aimed towards improving revenues, reducing operating costs, energy savings and maximising the use of existing assets.