Management Technical Assistance

Typical AM projects provide knowledge transfer and practical support to the Utility and its staff, on the organization’s journey towards Asset Management Excellence in line with ISO 5500 standards. Emphasis is given in the use of the EDAMS systems as such systems cover all Integrated Asset Management functions as defined in our Understanding of Integrated Asset Management.


The general approach followed is one of inter-organization knowledge transfer. Knowledge can be transferred via a range of ”modes” such as:

  1. Mentoring / coaching by our Technical Experts
  2. Parallel / shadow roles
  3. Work team integration
  4. Jointly documented new work processes
  5. Jointly created new systems and procedures
  6. Delivery of targeted training program

of EDAMS Systems

Industry specific I.T. such as the EDAMS systems will (1) enforce “best-practice” business practices, (2) provide a platform for managing and operating all departments, (3) provide a platform for proper lifecycle management of Utility assets, (4) provide proper management reporting, (5) assist in improving data quality through evaluation and help in the validation of both commercial and network data.

Project components may include:

  • Formulating AM Policy
  • The building of a solid Technical database and Financial Asset database
  • Implementing Maintenance Management
  • Implementing AM/Rehabilitation Planning
  • Implementing Investment Planning and Business Planning
  • Formulating and monitoring a Strategic Asset Management Plan