Improvement Programs

Hydro-Comp has developed a unique methodology based on a thorough analysis of problems encountered in commercial systems, extensive experience in similar exercises and the advanced technology employed by the EDAMS software deployed. Commercial Improvement Programs include: Billing Data Cleaning, Commercial data validation field exercises and the compilation of Meter replacement programs.

Data Analysis & Validation/ Clean Up Projects

  • The EDAMS Commercial Data Analysis (CDA) module identifies and highlights suspect readings as well as problematic meters based on various findings. The analysis focuses on understanding the errors in the commercial database and produces key exception reports that can be used to correct these problems.
  • The Commercial Data Validation (CDV) module: enables the analysis and verification of all data collected; it has 2-way interface with both the Data Capture Interface (on mini-tablets) and the Billing system used by the Utility. Enables automated matching of records and updating of the Billing database using predefined authorization codes. Further to matched records reconciliation the system identifies: Illegal connections, Prospective customers (in field database), duplicate records, erroneous records and unknown records (in billing database).

The methodology and EDAMS modules are adapted to suit local conditions and available inputs after analysis of the Utility’s Billing system and data.

    Rehabilitation Planning of Consumer Meters & Unmetered Connections

    Commercial Rehabilitation assists the Utility to address Consumer and Connection related problems identified in an organized and effective manner. The outcomes of the exercise can be implemented immediately by Utilities to plan for rehabilitation works thus greatly reduce the risk of failure of these assets as well as result in revenue increases in terms of replacing stuck/ malfunctioning meters. Note that these exercises are being set up in the EDAMS-Asset Management Planning (AMP) model and can be repeated on regular intervals.