Water / Wastewater Utilities

Consulting services in Water & Wastewater Utilities are basically aimed towards improvement of performance both in terms improving revenues, reducing operating costs,  maximising use of existing assets and infrastructure planning.

Water Audit

The water audit includes a detailed analysis of all non-revenue water both geographically and in terms of all its components, both commercial and technical. Leakage is separated in terms of the cause of leakage and commercial losses in terms of debt recovery, un-authorized consumption, malfunctioning meters, internal wastage and leakage and billing problems.

Main output is a detailed Water Audit, a comprehensive commercial rehabilitation plan, including a meter replacement program, and a Leakage Reduction Program with the purpose of increasing revenues and reducing leakage in the network resulting in savings in production costs and in energy consumption.


      Hydraulic modeling for both water supply and sanitation networks can be carried out resulting in various plans including (a) an Upgrading Plan, (b) an Emergency Response Plan, (c) a Shutdown & Outage Management Plan and (d) a Master Plan

      The Upgrading Plan addresses infrastructure performance issues ensuring proper service delivery under present conditions for the present supply area. Costs of implementing an upgrading plan are usually minimal compared to usual capital expansion plans. The main output of the Upgrading Plan:

      • Is a re-zoned network for optimal pressure levels and variations
      • Results in a distribution network performing at its maximum possible performance level
      • Reduces electricity costs (energy savings)
      • Quantifies pipe sizes in case of replacement
      • Reduces leakage as a result of decommissioning unnecessary parts of the network and of better pressure distribution
      • Provides a solid basis for capital expansion of the network

        Management/ Rehabilitation Plans

        Asset Management/ Rehabilitation Plans are compiled using Risk analysis arising from Condition and Importance assessment of all assets. Part of the plan is an asset valuation.

        Electricity lines, Water and Sewer Pipes are evaluated on a range of parameters, such as maintenance records, material, age, soil conditions and other related inputs.

        The rehabilitation plan is grouped into action plans in terms of risk over different time frames for asset replacement or repair as per Client’s budgetary constraints.